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Christopher Butcher

animated reel to reel tape machine

Game Programmer & Sound Designer

Hello! My name is Christopher Butcher, I am a game programmer, sound designer, and composer. I love music, video games, and learning new things, which is why I pursued a BS in Game Design after receiving a BA in Instrumental Music Education.

I've done a little bit of everything, from pixel art to shaders, writing game AI to writing story outlines, recording and implementing voice lines, and a bunch of stuff in between. I enjoy thinking about how each individual piece interacts with the others and working on a team to make it all sing.


Breach of Space
a robot gives a thumbs up while behind it a computer explodes
Pixel-art instruments gather around in a kind of dance
Survival Shooter Soundtrack
Brightly-colored zombified creatures approach a child in a miniature world
a single sheep appears in a larger grid of different textures, such as grass, water, and stone
Robin's Quest!
In pixel art, there is a small room with a red haired character picking up a sword
Scare-Away Camp
A teenager with purple hair shines a flashlight towards the camera in a dark, open forest


I've played with orchestras, in jazz combos, and even been on a couple of tours with a punk band. Now, I'm focusing on composing for video games & sound design. Although upright bass is my primary instrument, I can play a little bit of anything thanks to my degree in Instrumental Music Education. These days I write mostly on guitar, bass, and keyboard. As for composing & recording, I use Reason 11, ProTools, Adobe Audition, and FamiStudio.

Game Audio Reel
Original Video Game Soundtrack(s)

Contact Me

I'm looking for work in the video game industry! I'm currently living in Bloomington, Indiana, but am up for relocation or remote work & collaboration. If you want to connect or just chat, feel free to send me an email at! Thanks!