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Christopher Butcher

animated reel to reel tape machine

Game Programmer & Sound Designer

Hello! I enjoy writing and implementing code in every area of game design. I also use my background in music while doing technical audio, both in terms of adaptive music and sound design. I love learning new things and meeting new people, and both music and video games have provided me the opportunity to do so.

I like thinking about how each individual piece interacts with the others and working on a team to make everything sing. Currently, I am wearing many hats while working on Breach of Space (AI programming, implementation, sound designer, composer).

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Breach of Space
a robot gives a thumbs up while behind it a computer explodes
Pixel-art instruments gather around in a kind of dance
Survival Shooter Soundtrack
Brightly-colored zombified creatures approach a child in a miniature world
a single sheep appears in a larger grid of different textures, such as grass, water, and stone
Robin's Quest!
In pixel art, there is a small room with a red haired character picking up a sword
Scare-Away Camp
A teenager with purple hair shines a flashlight towards the camera in a dark, open forest


Having both a degree in music and a degree in game design, I try to use both to inform the other. I am very interested in technical audio and adaptive soundtracks, working to create an interesting and unique experience for every player. I mostly use Reason 11 for composing, ProTools and Adobe Audition for recording, and FMOD Studio for implementation.

Game Audio Reel
Original Video Game Soundtrack(s)

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I'm looking for work in the video game industry! I love traveling and hope to see more of the world, so I'm up for either relocation or remote work. If you want to connect, collaborate, or just chat, feel free to send me an email at!


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