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Christopher Butcher

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Game Programmer & Sound Designer

Hello! My name is Christopher Butcher, and I am a Game Programmer, Sound Designer, & Composer. As a programmer, I enjoy trying to solve any problem provided by my design team, looking for new ways to enhance the program and make the code more efficient.

When writing music and mixing sound effects, my main goal is to immerse the player in the game world without overwhelming them. This is made possible through middleware implementation, combining my passion for both music and code.

Currently, I am honing these skills on Breach of Space as both Sound Design Lead & a founding member of the programming team. In Breach of Space, you must defeat the evil corporation that is taking over your home planet. Stealthily distract, sabotage, and cause enough mayhem for the robotic staff to leave your home among the stars for good.


Breach of Space
a robot gives a thumbs up while behind it a computer explodes
Pixel-art instruments gather around in a kind of dance
Survival Shooter Template Soundtrack
Brightly-colored zombified creatures approach a child in a miniature world
a single sheep appears in a larger grid of different textures, such as grass, water, and stone
Robin's Quest!
In pixel art, there is a small room with a red haired character picking up a sword
Scare-Away Camp
A teenager with purple hair shines a flashlight towards the camera in a dark, open forest


I've played with orchestras, in jazz combos, and even been on a couple of tours with a punk band. Now, I'm focusing on composing for video games & sound design. Although upright bass is my primary instrument, I can play a little bit of anything thanks to my degree in Instrumental Music Education. These days I write mostly on guitar, bass, and keyboard. As for composing & recording, I use Reason 11, ProTools, Adobe Audition, and FamiStudio.

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